「男もすなる日記といふものを、女もしてみむとてするなり」 in English

  読書記録+日記を英語で書いてみよう! (書けるのか??)

I wish you all a happy new year!

How tall!!
20120125180411-990.jpgThese penguins are bowling pins for my little monster. He plays bowling every day.

Of course, I chose the penguins for him. Love penguins!
We went to 23 for lunch. It was the first visit there. The pasta was good and their service was very good.

I wish you all were happy and healthy.
20111207100911-39.jpgI put this tree at a living room last Christmas time, but I couldn't now. We don't have space this year. Why? I don't know.......(^^). So, I put it at the entrance. It was good as last time.
20111210164747-159.jpgI attended a cooking class for Christmas tree bread. It looked so cute and the taste was very delicious.