「男もすなる日記といふものを、女もしてみむとてするなり」 in English

  読書記録+日記を英語で書いてみよう! (書けるのか??)

20120124141450-516.jpgIt was snowing through the night. I made a little snowman. Isn't it cute?

My little monster played on a slide on 大晦日. He run around as usual whenever the day was a special day. He didn't care, you know......
20111217193834-168.jpgThere was a Christmas Pageant at the kindergarten. We had quiet and happy time. My little monster got these cute cakes for a Christmas present. The cakes by LA TERRE were very delicious!
20111216091101-372.jpgWe, moms, could looked a decoration for Christmas at the class room freely on Dec. 16th. Very cute and beautiful!
20111118053049-827.jpgI found this paper in my little monster's bag. What's this? I didn't know...... so I turned over it.......
We had lunch with our friends at ALOHA TABLE. My little monster ate Humburg Plate for kids. He was very happy!!
It was a fine day, so we went to a park. My little monster enjoyed a slope,

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