「男もすなる日記といふものを、女もしてみむとてするなり」 in English

  読書記録+日記を英語で書いてみよう! (書けるのか??)

ルドルフ 赤鼻のトナカイ

This was a Christmas present for my little monster from us. He watched and enjoyed it in English. Of course, he didn't understand not only English but Japanese(^^).


I had wanted to watch this movie. Today I found it at Yahoo Japan 動画 today and watched it for free.

This movie makes us happy. アメリ is very cute.
You can see it for free there until March 31st.
I had wanted to watch this DVD and I saw it on this weekend.
This is a good story. Not exciting, not thrilling, but heart warming.

A Japanese lady, Sachie opend かもめ食堂 in Helsinki, Finland. She didn't have any customers for a month. One day a young man came in the cafe. He liked Japan and asked Sachie to tell him a song of "ガッチャマン", but she could sing only the beginning. She tried to remember all of the song. Then........

After watching the movie, I wanted to eat rice balls.

I enjoyed "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" movie. I had read the book and watched the old movie, but no problem!

The song trapped me, ウンパルンパ ウンパルンパ♪.
This was the DVD I had wanted to see. s-san lent me, thanks.

The Polar Express

This is a good movie, a Christmas story.

On the Christmas Eve, a boy got on the Polar Express for North pole. He doubted the presense of Santa Clause, a king of North pole. And......

It's a heart-warming story and I want children to see it.
やっぱり I watched "Top Gun" DVD(^^). This is the third time to see the movie. I haven't watched it for a long time, so I had forgot the detail of this story and I enjoyed it a lot.

トップガン スペシャル・コレクターズ・エディション

Maverick is cool!
I found Meg Ryan today. I didn't know she was in this movie.

Whenever I see this movie, I remember the days for a month in the US

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