「男もすなる日記といふものを、女もしてみむとてするなり」 in English

  読書記録+日記を英語で書いてみよう! (書けるのか??)

It's dangerous to read this book on a train(^^). The writer is a birth therapist. She walks with her clients on birth or the life to the end.

I met her when my son was baby. She supported me a lot. I was lucky to see her. She is special for me and, I think, for all.

I like her essay since my friend gave me her cooking book at my wedding. Also this book made me warm and happy.

I often read her blog, http://ameblo.jp/rikayukimasa/. You can try to read if you want.

What do you do if a penguin is sent to your house everyday?
I love penguins, but I can't believe to live with 365 penguins!!

This is the story of a boy and a big tree.

The children book called me to read it. My name is "sampo" and the title is "sampo no ki". My son likes it and I often read it for him. "いっぽ、にほ、さんぽ、さんぽのき", we can find the phrase in the pages again and again. The rhythm is comfortable for me.

This book is charity for the Tohoku Earthquake.
情報は1冊のノートにまとめなさい 100円でつくる万能「情報整理ノート」
奥野 宣之

I read this book in October. It told me how to use my memo and schedule book.
よしもと ばなな

I forgot to bring books with me and I bought this book at a station.

I read the first book of "王国" before my little monster was born. I was busy and I couldn't read the second book.

Yoshimoto Banana-san is one of my favorite writers. Her world gives me a special power. This story was very good and I want to read the third book soon.
さわだ さちこ

This is a guidebook of picture books for baby. I think it's a good book as it's easy to read. We can get useful information easily. The book shows us two photos a book. Both of a cover and a page of the story.

I recommend the book to all moms who have a baby.

I found this book at Yukinko-san's blog. Thanks.