「男もすなる日記といふものを、女もしてみむとてするなり」 in English

  読書記録+日記を英語で書いてみよう! (書けるのか??)

It was longtime no see. Mamezo has spent happy days with my parents. I wish we live together soon.

He looked a good boy? Of course, he sat in front of me with ORANGE!

What's this?

"Am I cool?"

Mamezo is sleeping now......
Mamezo is fine though it's too hot in Osaka.

Today was Mamezo's 4th birthday. Happy Birthday, Mamezo!

He looked very sleepy as I took this photo at 23:45(^^).

Mamezo is laying on my lap.

"Aren't you hot?"
I'm hot!